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Ceramic Tile Flooring, A Popular Flooring Solution in Weston and Broward

When renovating your home, there are two rooms that you need to keep a close eye on: the kitchen and the bathroom(s). These are the two rooms that can raise the value of a property upon selling, therefore pay increased attention to the way you redecorate your kitchen and your bathroom.

Ceramic tile flooring is an increasingly popular solution for homeowners from Broward, Coral Springs, Parkland, Plantation, Sunrise, Weston. The reasons are multiple, and in this article we analyze why ceramic tile flooring is both affordable and  desired by homeowners who are in the process of  renovating their homes.

  • Ceramic tile flooring is affordable

It is one of the most widespread types of flooring material because it is affordable and it is resistant. The material is in fact natural clay combined with various minerals. The clay is heated, shaped, and then cooled to obtain a tile.

Porcelain tile flooring is obtained through similar processes, but the difference between the two is that the clay is more refined, it is heated to higher temperatures to obtain porcelain.

  • Ceramic tile flooring is “flexible”

By “flexible”, we meant that it is a tile flooring material that can complement both bathrooms and kitchens. Ceramic tiles can imitate a wide range of floor tiles, such as granite, onyx, marble, and so on. Of course, ceramic tiles are usually manufactured and sold at lower prices than the ‘genuine’ materials they imitate.

  • Multiple design options

Ceramic tile floors come in a variety of colors and textures. Clients can choose from shape, to size, to color, the tiles they need for their homes in Broward, Coral Springs, Parkland, Plantation, Sunrise, Weston. Some of the most popular ceramic tile floor designs are imitations of marble, wood, and rock. Apart from these, there are also numerous unique designs to choose from; it all depends on your needs and wants. If in doubt, ask a ceramic tile representative…or an indoor designer.

Ceramic Tile and Flooring in Parkland, Plantation, Coral Springs, Sunrise, Weston and all of Broward County

How to choose the best flooring material for your living room

Are you renovating your home, and you do not know what flooring material to choose for your living room?

If your answer to this question is yes, and you want to find out more about how to choose the best one for your needs, you should continue reading this article.

First of all, when you decide what material to use, you should keep in mind that the living room is a high traffic are, and you should not choose materials which need lots of maintenance, or which deteriorate rapidly, such as cork.

Maybe the best flooring material that you can choose for this area of your house is hardwood floors. The reasons why you should choose this material is that it is highly resistant, and it requires almost no maintenance. For example, experts say that the best way to clean hardwood floors is by wiping them with a clean cloth, in order to remove the dust.

Furthermore, if you use a good sealant when installing it, this can even be scratch resistant, so owning a dog should pose no problems. Even though this might seem the perfect material for you, keep in mind that it can be expensive, and not all of us can afford it.

You can also choose ceramic tile as a living room flooring material. This material, even though is not as long-lasting as the hardwood floors, can be one of the best choices you have.

Because nowadays, you can find those in almost any color you want, and because ceramic tile are a lot cheaper than hardwood floors, but has almost the same advantages, it can be the best solution for you, no matter if you live in Broward, Sunrise, or Weston.

Tile Flooring and Wood Flooring in Weston, Plantation and Coral Springs, FL

The pros and cons of tile and wood flooring

Both tile flooring and wood flooring are good options for your home in Sunrise or Weston and the choice comes down to personal preference and costs. These days you can even get authentic tile flooring that looks like wood flooring. Let’s consider the pros and cons of each.

Hard wood flooring is natural; it’s the real thing when it comes to wood.  It therefore adds that natural warmth, beauty and rich feeling to your home.  Wood flooring is also warm under foot so you don’t have to look for those slippers on a cold winter’s morning.  In addition wood flooring has natural give making it soft under foot as well. Hardwood is expensive and although durable, will require sanding and refinishing down the line. Hardwood is not suitable for all areas of your home. For example your bathroom, laundry and entrance way are not good candidates for wood flooring.

Tile flooring is versatile and suitable for all climates. Tile flooring is not subject to installation restrictions and you can also use tiles anywhere in your home. They are particularly useful in moist and wet areas as well as areas that are more prone to spills. In particular tiles are popular in kitchens and bathrooms.

However tiles are cold and this can great during summer but not so great for those cold winter months. Tile flooring is also a low maintenance option and is easy to clean. If a tile gets damaged you can just replace that tile, provided you can find a matching one. Grouting can also be a problem with tile flooring in that it can be an eye-soar if not done professionally.  White and other light color tiles can also look dirty and will require regular mopping.

It may well be that a combination of wood flooring and tile flooring could be the best solution. You should consult with a flooring expert such as Sawgrass Floors before making a final decision.

Ceramic Tile in Sunrise, Parkland, Weston, and Plantation

Ceramic tile flooring offers many advantages and can beautify areas of your home

Floors can make a huge difference to your home and it is important to make the correct choice that will match your home and personal taste as well your budget.  There are a number of choices including ceramic tile flooring, hard wood flooring, laminated flooring as well as carpeted flooring. In this article we discuss the pros and cons of ceramic tile and ceramic tile flooring.

Sawgrass Floors installs and maintains beautiful floors in Coral Springs, Parkland, Plantation and surrounding areas.  They also maintain and install ceramic tile floors. Ceramic tile is a very good choice for wet areas including bathrooms, kitchens, counter tops as well as front foyers and entrances. In warmer climates ceramic tiles can also be are used throughout your home. Ceramic tile flooring offers many benefits.

Ceramic tile is fashionable

You can beautify your home with stunning tile and stone styles, colors and patterns.  Ceramic tile resembles a natural texture of quarried slate, travertine and limestone.  You can select from wide range of styles, colors and textures to add sophistication and class to your home, office or facility.

Ceramic tile flooring offers easy and low cost maintenance

You can easily clean ceramic tiles with a mop and recommended floor cleaning chemicals. Protective entry and exit mats will also help to keep your tile floors clean and help to prolong the life of your ceramic flooring.

Ceramic tiles can create long life floors

Ceramic tiles are manufactured to high standards and with proper care and maintenance ceramic tile and porcelain floors can last a life time and more.

Ceramic tiles are eco-friendly

Ceramic tiles often incorporate recycled materials and therefor require fewer natural resources.  These recycled materials included refined sand residues, reground scrap tiles as well as glazes and other waste from tile processing.

Ceramic Tile in Coral Springs, Plantation, and Parkland

Ceramic tile flooring combines class and durability

A nice house deserves nice floors and ceramic tile flooring combines beauty with general resilience and flexibility.  If you have a house in beautiful Florida you will want elegant flooring to match. Sawgrass Floors is your solution for stylish and affordable flooring in Florida. They have installed stunning floors in areas such Coral Springs, Parkland and Plantation.

Ceramic tile flooring is versatile, stylish and elegant all at the same time. Since ceramic tiles are glazed they can handle light to moderate traffic.  One of the great things about tiled flooring is the flexibility it provides. You can select from a wide range of designs, colors, patterns and styles.  Most of us are used to tiles in the kitchen and bathroom but these days tiles are also used to create beautiful and stylish floors. This can create an effective and consistent look and feel in your home.

Ceramic tile flooring is easy to clean and maintain and it is also an affordable option.  You can also create the effect that you want, be it retro, rustic, modern or chic, tile flooring is always fashionable and impressive. You can also create beautiful outside areas as tile can help to transform your patio or pool area into an outdoor oasis.

Due to tiles water resistant properties they are ideal for use in bathrooms. However ceramic tiles also have many other properties that make them a great choice for floors and paving. They scratch and impact resistant and can handle heavy traffic well. Since tiles come in such a variety there is tile flooring solution to suit every budget and taste.

All you need to transform your floors and your home is the right tiling solution and a professional contractor to lay your floors professionally and cost effectively.  At the same time your new stylish and classy floors will add value to your house and your property.